About The Book

Get A Life gives a fresh and unique view of IVF.

His & Hers

Get A Life is effectively two books in one, written by a woman for women and by a man for men.

Each chapter is broken down into a ‘Her’ section and a ‘His’ explaining the process from both perspectives with honest, personal anecdotal accounts from Rosie and Richard’s own experiences of IVF.


The IVF process explained simply

Almost all IVF books explain the IVF process but this book takes away the jargon, the myths and the fear.

One of the problems of in vitro fertilisation is that you are suddenly bombarded by an enormous amount of information. All of it seems important but the aim of Get A Life is to tell you what you actually need to know and what you don’t.

Each chapter covers a different stage of the IVF process, right from the beginning when you realise things aren’t right , that you might need to get help and what to do about it, right through to choosing a clinic, the drugs you are given and the hidden costs, through to the actual procedure, the results and what to do in case of different outcomes


What actually happens

More importantly, Get A Life explains what really happens in IVF.

Each chapter is structured the same way:

What actually happens: a detailed description of each stage

What happened to us: a personal experience of each stage of IVF from Rosie and Richard’s 3 very different cycles of IVF. Sometimes emotional, sometimes funny, always utterly honest, the book offers tips and advice on how to get through each stage

How to survive this stage: tips and advice on what you need to do to make the process easier, a bullet-pointed list on what you need to know, what you might need to ask and personal tips on how to make it all as smooth as possible.


Expert tips

Each chapter ends with some words of advice from an expert fertility specialist, Dr James Nicopoullos from the Lister Fertility Clinic.


Where are you now?

In between each chapter is ‘Where are you now?’, a checklist on where you are in the process – how far you’ve come and what happens next.

Just to give you an overview, this is the full contents list of the book, including some tear-out pages at the end of the book (‘Questions to ask at your consultation’) so you know you have all the information you need:




Foreword by Dr James Nicopoullos 

Quick guide to the IVF process 

Chapter 1 What’s wrong with us? 

Chapter 2 Tests you will need 

Chapter 3 How to choose a clinic 

Chapter 4 Before your appointment 

Chapter 5 Your first consultation 

Chapter 6 The drugs 

Chapter 7 Egg collection day 

Chapter 8 Fertilisation results 

Chapter 9 Embryo transfer 

Chapter 10 The two-week wait 

Chapter 11 Test day 

Chapter 12 How to cope with a negative result 

Chapter 13 How to cope with a positive result 

Chapter 14 Diary of a miscarriage 

Chapter 15 IVF finally works 

Chapter 16 What we learnt from doing IVF 

Questions to ask at your consultation 

List of terms